Philip Seymour Hoffman Treated for Heroin Abuse

Easily one of the greatest actors of his generation, your first thought was probably, “Hiiiiiiiiiim?”
Yes, him.
Oscar winner Philip Seymour Hoffman just quietly completed 10 days in rehab for substance abuse, heroin specifically. Reports wouldn’t go so far as to say it was a long and ongoing habit (though using heroin once is probably one too many times).
A former drug addict, after staying sober for more than 23 years, Philip began to use again. He tells TMZ that it started slowly, prescription pills at first, which reportedly eventually led to snorting heroin.
Already realizing he had a problem, he tried to be as proactive as possible by checking himself into an East Coast rehab immediately. After more than a week of detoxing there, he checked out last week on Friday, May 24.
Philip says that with the help of “a great group of friends and family” he was able to receive the treatment he needed and already feels better. And to the casual observer, it appears that way—he’s already back on a movie set in Europe, filming on location.
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