Lindsay Lohan Back at Betty Ford Rehab Center

Not only is Lindsay Lohan escaping rehab, she’s trying to leave the entire state of California.
After ditching Morningside Recovery facility yesterday morning, she reportedly went straight to LAX to fly back to New York.
According to the New York Daily News, “She went shopping at an electronics store [Fry's] then she was on the rehab property for a couple minutes but got spooked by paparazzi.”
From there she ordered her driver to “Take me back to the airport,” while saying, “I’m not going to rehab. I’m not going to rehab.”
Well, she went back to rehab like she was ordered to. The Betty Ford Center in Rancho Mirage, CA, TMZ is reporting.
Sources close to Lindsay said she checked in late last night yesterday.

All this thanks to rehiring her star attorney Shawn Holley (who she fired before her most recent trial—whoops!) who was able to negotiate a last-minute deal between prosecuting city attorney Terry White over the switch. They also won't be seeking an arrest warrant either.
Prosecuting city attorney Terry White was initially baffled by Lindsay and her lawyer’s decision to forgo the pre-approved rehab center they agreed on in New York for Morningside Recovery, a facility neither camp had researched.
“I’m clearly puzzled by her decision to go to rehab facility that we hadn’t approved,” White told the judge. “We did our due diligence and investigated facilities given to us by [Lindsay's lawyer] Mark Heller, and we had agreed on a facility. I find out yesterday, from the media, that Ms. Lohan has decided to go somewhere else. It’s unacceptable."
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