7 Things Gwyneth Paltrow Said to Make You Hate Her Less

On April 16th, 2013 Gwyneth Paltrow was voted the “Most Hated” celebrity in Hollywood.
She earned this despicable spot namely because she constantly says stuff like, “I am who I am; I can’t pretend to be somebody who makes $25,000 a year” and, “I would rather die than let my kid eat Cup-a-Soup.”
Every day since that article was published, Gwyn has been trying to save face and get everyone to change their opinion about her.
Gwyneth is working overtime so that people stop calling her “insufferable,” “pretentious” and “out of touch” and start calling her “cool,” “down-to-earth” and “just like you.”
Here’s a timeline of Gwyn’s attempts to appear “relatable” since the “Most Hated” interview.
1. She told Harper's Bazaar, published April 23, that she smokes cigarettes, so everyone will forget about how she doesn’t eat anything except seaweed and ionized water. "It's what makes life, finding the balance between cigarettes and tofu."
2. On April 18 at the premiere of Marvel's Iron Man 3, Gwyneth assured Nancy O'Dell that she would remain humble, saying, "Are you kidding me? For God's sake, after all I've been through?" Bonus quote: O'Dell described the actress as "down-to-earth and one of the most genuine people in Hollywood."
3. She told George Stephanopoulos on April 16 that she DOES love eating the food of “the people” despite none of us knowing what a “Mallomar” is, “There’s nothing like a Mallomar and a root beer float.”

4. On April 25 she tried to pretend like she wasn’t the World’s Most Beautiful Woman and told People magazine: "Around the house, I’m in jeans and a T-shirt. I don’t really wear makeup. That’s what they’re used to. My husband will make a joke about it. If I’ve gotten fully dressed up, he’ll be like, ‘Oh, wow! You’re Gwyneth Paltrow!’ Because he’s used to seeing me in like baggy shorts and frizzy hair."
5. On April 28, she told Jay Leno that she was flawed, but failed to elaborate: "I have many flaws. I have personality flaws galore."
6. In the upcoming issue of Glamour UK, she point-blank reminded us, “I’m a very grounded, homey person.”
7. In the same issue she also revealed that she rides the London tube like a pedestrian and adds, “I drive the kids to school, I cook,” but then slipped back into signature Gwyneth style and added, “But I also have a nanny, so if I need to go to Dubai for Max Factor, then I can.”
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