Lil Wayne Has ANOTHER Seizure

Lil Wayne was taken to Cedars-Sinai late last night after suffering ANOTHER epileptic seizure.
The good news is that Wayne was released this morning. Back in March, after suffering multiple seizures, he spent six days in the ICU while friends and family gathered around because they thought Wayne was on his deathbed.
Everyone speculated that Wayne had been having seizures because of his constant sizzurp consumption. Sizzurp is basically cough syrup and fruit soda with codeine and it’s no secret Lil Wayne loves the stuff since he’s rapped about it several times in the past.
But his label was quick to shoot down the rumors, saying he was having seizures from “stress” while Wayne admitted he was epileptic and has had seizures since he was a kid.
If so, why did we never hear about him being hospitalized until March of this year?
Either way, glad to know Wayne is out of the hospital. Now, just stop drinking cough syrup already!
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