Jennifer Aniston NOT Postponing Wedding Because of Brangelina

Earlier today a story broke claiming Jennifer Aniston was postponing her wedding, specifically so it wouldn’t clash with Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s wedding.
It was so laughably untrue. We can’t even imagine JenAn even reads tabloids or knew that Brangelina was getting hitched this month, but still, we had to find out if this ridiculous rumor holds any water.
The word on the street is that Brad and Angie are supposed to get married this month. Jen was planning on getting hitched in the summer, but didn’t want Brangelina to outshine her wedding so she tried to rush the wedding and was planning on getting married in March. But Justin Theroux was like, “WTF why are we speed planning a wedding?” and Jen was like, “You’re right,” so Jen pushed her wedding back to August to give everyone enough time to forget about Brad and Angie’s May wedding.

Well, it’s not true. A source close to Jen tells CT9, “Not true. These [types] of stories continue and week after week time proves them wrong.”
True, Jen is rumored to be “pregnant” constantly, but then 9 months passes and she’s not. So yeah, time always slams tabloid rumors.

The source continues, “Everyone wants to profit off her personal life and the truth is, it is no one’s business but hers.”
Most likely, Jen will get married in a small ceremony (regardless of when Brangelina gets hitched) and we won’t know about it until the next day.
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