Lance Bass Believes Someone in One Direction Is Gay

Former *NSYNC-er Lance Bass wants everyone to face the music when he says that one of the members from One Direction is probably gay.
“Well, statistically speaking” and all, he said.
After being asked by The Rubin Report about the coming out of NBA basketball player Jason Collins, the topic turned to another arena where it’s difficult to be who you really are at work: sold out stadiums paying to see boy bands sing and dance.
"It's crazy with a market like [boy bands] because 100 percent is young women,” Lance said. “And they fantasize about these guys, and then you have the record label and everyone grooming you to make sure that you don't even mention you have a girlfriend.”
“So screw the fact that you're going to come out as being gay. It ruins their whole business plan,” he added.
Lance has first-person insight into this situation. He covered People magazine in 2006 announcing that he was gay, followed by his autobiography Out of Sync a year later, which chronicled his struggles being closeted in the industry.
The only exception to this statistic, though, appears to be the Backstreet Boys, who are all married now, so we're going to have to doublecheck Lance's long division and get back to you about the probabilities of Liam, Harry, Zayn, Louis, and Niall.
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