Kristen Stewart Voted 'Least Trust Worthy' Celebrity

Just a couple of weeks ago, Kristen Stewart was name was of the “most hated” celebs in Hollywood. Now, she tops the list for “Least Trusted” Hollywood star.
Are you trying to break her spirit, America? No, because the vampires already did.
In a poll conducted by Reader’s Digest, they rounded up the least trusted stars in Hollyweird.
KStew tops the list, namely for cheating on her boyfriend Robert Pattinson with her 'Snow White and the Huntsmen' married director Rupert Sanders. Yep, cheating will definitely ruin trust. Wait, why does the public not trust her? Her boyfriend already took her back.
Tom Cruise is the next “least trusted” celeb. Didn’t know there was anything wrong with him, apparently you all don’t trust his megawatt movie star smile.

This one’s a no brainer. Lindsay Lohan, who lies as often as she goes to rehab is also not very trustworthy.
Phil McGraw is a doctor but he still doesn’t get your seal of approval.
Amanda Bynes, besides just being kind of nutzo, is apparently not very trustworthy in your opinion.
Nobody trusts Kim Kardashian either. Why? She may not be talented, but she seems like she could keep a secret. Oh wait, she faked a guy into marrying her. Just kidding, she just lost our trust.
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