Kim Kardashian switched the lights on at Party City’s factories early this year when she stepped out in a sectional sofa from the spring/summer 2013 collection of Living Spaces at the Met Ball.
Because for those of us shopping for costumes early this Halloween, the dress was a hit—and sure to be on sale this October for a reasonable price.

However to every fashionista on the street—from people who only buy spring gloves from Neiman Marcus with a personal shopper to people who go to J.Crew to try on clothes, decide which items they like, then wait approximately six weeks because “shhh! this sh*t always goes on sale in six weeks”—they collectively concurred it was a fashion miss.
Falling in that spectrum of those to konsider Kim’s frock a komplete kalamity is the fashionistas over at Vogue. Specifically, the no-nonsense slideshow photo editor over at Vogue.
B*tch was not cutting corners when she compiled its review of “Special Edition Best Dressed: The 2013 Met Gala.”

She was straight up cutting out Kim Kardashian.
In the magazine’s recap of the night’s high-fashion wares, the virgin Met Ball attendee was cropped out of a photo with her date Kanye West.
What we’re left with is an image of a grinning ‘Ye holding a fistful of wilting potpourri. Just Kim’s floral hand piercing through its frame like the dead hand popping out of the grave at the end of Carrie.
Fun fact: Of the very few couples who appeared on the lavish red carpet together, Kim and Kanye were the only pair to not be included together in this slideshow. Cute!
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