Kim Kardashian: Kanye and I Live 'Different Lives'

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian have the weirdest union in Hollywood. When they’re on opposite continents, when Kanye refuses to appear on Kim’s reality series, when pregnant Kim has to fly overseas to see him…these are all signs that they are on two totally different levels.
Stranger still, Kim would agree with that.

“We live different lives,” Kim recently told U.K. Fabulous magazine about her baby daddy Kanye West.
“I’m definitely more of a recluse since I was pregnant. But I haven’t necessarily decided to hold myself back, it’s just preparing myself for respecting the privacy of my child and my boyfriend,” says Kim.
“We live different lives, but I love being open. That’s who I’ve always been. That will never change because that is who I am.”

Some examples of how “different” these two are:
-Kanye walks into a pole on Friday to dodge the paparazzi, lashes out at the photogs. Kim has been known to CALL the paparazzi to show up when she’s out and about.
-Kanye lives in Europe. Kim lives in LA.
-Kim loves doing interviews and actively seeks out press. Kanye rapped on "Mercy," “Don’t do no press, but I get the most press, kid.”
-Kanye gets invited to perform at the Met Ball; Kim gets invited to be a couch at the Met Ball.
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