Amanda Bynes Tweets About Hook-Ups With Drake Bell

Amanda Bynes went into Twitter hibernation ALL LAST WEEK. It was practically Armageddon.
Then, this tweet showed up in our newsfeed and the Internet broke.
“I f*cked @DrakeBell so many times on the Amanda show set oh god,” Amanda tweeted, with casual nostalgic glee.
The tweet was apparently posted on May 4, deleted moments later and then when some fan tweeted it at Amanda this weekend, she denied it ever happened.
“I didn’t tweet this, that’s what happened when I called @drake ugly, I didn’t write that!”
So Amanda is alleging that she has been Twitter hacked, because what else does, “I didn’t tweet this” mean? But really? The account is hacked and all the hacker did is call Drake ugly and claim that Amanda boned Drake Bell, her former co-star on “The Amanda Show” and current “star” of the diving reality show, “Splash.”

We’re going to assume Amanda wrote this, because she also cussed out Jenny McCarthy on Twitter and then wrote, “Just kidding, I didn’t write that,” so it’s clear, “I didn’t write that is code for, “ I’m high, crazy, losing my mind, forgetful. Also, does Amanda know the difference between Drake the rapper and Drake Bell the former child star? Also does she know when dreams about boning someone aren't the same as actually doing it?
So whatever, let’s assume this “I f*cked @DrakeBell” tweet is real.
Amanda was on “The Amanda Show” when she was 13…so, that’s ridiculous. Not unbelievable, but ridiculous.
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