Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Look Miserable Upon Reuniting

“Trouble in Paris-dise?”
That’s either the next chapter of our Kim Kardashian and Kanye West fan fiction or these two lovebirds are really just not feeling each other at the moment in real life.
Let’s turn back the pages a spell to catch you up on this “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy” fairy tale romance: After enjoying a Grecian holiday with her kindred Kardashians, Princess Kim was whisked away from the Aegean Sea by way of a dragon (private jet) sent by her rap prince, Kanye.
They reunited in the City of Light, where Kanye’s currently adding the finishing touches to his next magnum opus of music, to bond (translation: go shopping).

Kim did not look happy.
We can only speculate why Kim and Kanye are seething and stabbing one another with their dagger eyes in this recent series of photos:
- After being on a transcontinental flight, the last thing Kim wanted to do was be on her feet all day hitting up five designer stores.
- Or she was all down to go shopping…until Kanye didn’t let her get the dress she wanted, calling it “so last season.”
- Kanye’s in head-to-toe black-and-white, which everyone knows is Kim’s newly adopted signature style and she’s all “B*tch, you stole my look!”
- Paris is gloomy and overcast; Santorini wasn’t.
The most realistic reason, however, isn't any of the above and has nothing to do with each other. They're just disappointed they couldn't find matching Ferragamos in their sizes.
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