Kate Moss is Naked in New Ad Campaign

Kate Moss took her clothes off (again). You’re welcome.
Kate is the new body of St. Tropez skincare and to promote their range of self-tanning products they got one of the most notoriously pale models to get orange and take her clothes off, because that makes sense.
Why not use a model that regularly self-tans? Oh right, because nobody wants to see a Kardashian naked.
St. Tropez’s skincare expert Nichola Joss describes the hard work that went into shooting the ad and it sounds like a damn day spa.
“We did a lymphatic massage and exfoliated her whole body and used a great moisturizer to prep her skin so it was ready for the tan,” she says, “I then sprayed her all over with St. Tropez original formula in the machine. She slept in it and the next day I did a few skin finishing touch-ups and she was ready.”

Uhhh, it’s so hard being a super model.
Also, in case you were wondering if it was weird for Kate to pose in the nude, it wasn't.
“She surrounds herself with people she’s comfortable with, so it was easy to work with her and yeah, she was basically naked,” says Nichola, “Because she’s comfortable in that environment, there’s no confidence issues which is great.”
Great news. We were so worried that Kate Moss had confidence issues. OMG.
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