Kate Middleton’s Due Date Revealed

What were you planning to do this July 13? Catch up on season three of “Downton Abbey”? Embark on an Alaskan cruise? Propose to your significant other?
Regardless, whatever your engagement, you can start planning to cancel it right here, right now because Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge has that date reserved for her delivery.
You’re going to be there. You have no choice. DUCHESS’ ORDERS.

Yesterday, Daily Mail reported the due date, which gathered traction among royal social circles because it coincides with the Queen’s Coronation Festival, a “four-day celebration to mark 60 years that the Queen was crowned.”
If this child didn’t have a lot to live up to already, just throw the Queen’s entire legacy into the mix, no pressure.
 Word got loose at a barbecue hosted by one of Kate and Prince William’s closest friends where they all discussed the mid-July arrival. “Everyone was very excited,” a source said.
Of course, unless it’s by C-section, there’s no way to guarantee when the baby will arrive. It’s not like the royal baby has Twitter in there and is updating us on its moods every day until then.
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