Justin Bieber Saves Bodyguard from 3 Years in Dubai Jail

The United Nations needs to brush off a chair (preferably with a booster seat) for the tiny country that’s Justin Bieber, right between Canada and Dubai, because he proved himself to be quite the peacemaker following an onstage scuffle at one of his concerts.
That scuffle we’re referring to, of course, is The Piano Tumble Heard Round the Middle Schools of America, when a crazed fan tried to bite off more than he could chew and attacked/attempted to bear hug Justin as seen in this video here:

First of all, don’t you just love how raw and gritty this footage is? It’s like watching tornado hunters film twisters in the middle of barren Oklahoma—absolutely riveting.
Secondly, it also proves you can’t judge a book by its cover, or judge a security guard by how many fans they tackle or pianos they tumble. The star at the center of this commotion, Justin’s bodyguard, seems like a stand-up guy, except he apparently insulted a member of Dubai police’s VIP protection squad in the process.
No report on what he said exactly—just that “the guard insulted the officer verbally,” said a police spokesman from Dubai—but the guard was not down to be done dirty like that and reported the incident to senior officials.

Those senior officials summoned Justin’s bodyguard and threatened him with three Justin Bieber album releases (known in the legal system as three years) in Dubai jail. Not ready for his close-up on an episode of National Geographic’s “Locked Up Abroad” just yet, the guard profusely apologized and was let go.
“He seriously apologized for his behavior and expressed his regret for what happened,” the spokesman said, “claiming he was under pressure due to the concert.”
The Dubai police guard whose honor he felt was shamed, whose pride he felt was spit on like one of Bieber’s neighbors, waived the complaint.
Justin took it a step further and contacted the Dubai police force to extend an olive branch and express his gratitude. See, he’s not sooooooo bad.

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