Julianne Hough Wants Ryan Seacrest Back

Despite flaunting her newly single status with flirty beach trips with Nina Dobrev and night’s out at typical Hollywood hot spots…Julianne Hough desperately wants Ryan Seacrest back.
Yes! No! Believe it!
Julianne and Ryan reportedly broke up because Ryan’s career was his priority. But there are a handful of blind gossip items that would claim she was his “beard.
But that’s just blind gossip, so let’s stick to the facts and they are: Ryan and Julianne were in a two-year heterosexual union, they broke up because Ryan is “too busy” and couldn’t put Julianne first and now she doesn’t care and wants him back.
 “She’s hoping they can reconcile,” a friend of Julianne’s tells People, “She’s hoping that they can continue to talk and eventually get back together. Julianne’s been miserable without Ryan.”

Really? Is she actually miserable? Because a quick scan of her Instagram photos is basically just awesome party shots with her awesome Hollywood friends.
But here’s the worst part, Ryan misses her terribly as well, yet neither of them can figure it out and get back together.
“He’s made it clear that while he loves her very much, his career is his priority, but he’s been really bummed out. It was difficult [for him] to see photos of Julianne partying with her friends and seemingly flaunting her single life.”
Oh and that story that Ryan bought Julianne a $3 million house is false. Julianne was spotted shopping for real estate, but she’s buying it on her own dime.
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