Jessica Simpson Tells Nick Lachey To Shut Up

Nick Lachey recently put his ex-wife Jessica Simpson’s dad Joe Simpson on blast for saying Joe liked to play “grab a*s under the table at Easter” and everyone had a laugh because Ha Ha #JoeSimpsonGayRumors.
Well, Jessica will have none of it. You do NOT put daddy in a corner.
Jess immediately texted Nick after she heard what he said, “She told him to keep his mouth shut about her dad. She is furious with him. There’s a reason they haven’t spoken for six years – their breakup wasn’t amicable. And now Nick has totally crossed the line!”

The source told Star that Nick doesn’t care whatsoever and has a ton more Simpson dirt that he’ll unload if Jessica doesn’t leave him alone.
Well, apparently Jessica has a drinking problem…but we kind of already knew that she liked to booze.
The source adds that Nick will reveal Jess’s “wild sexual secrets,” but that’s no surprise either…remember “sexual napalm?”
But what we didn’t know is that Jess reportedly cheated on Nick Lachey “with a number of guys” including Bam Margera!
OMG BAM MARGERA! Only the least relevant celeb name to cross our lips in nearly a decade. Yes, Bam Margera the guy who did the thing with the thing at that thing.
However, if you ask Nick’s camp, he’s not trying to gossip about Jess or her dad, “Nick is just sick of getting asked about it and wanted to set the record straight.
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