Did Ryan Seacrest Buy Julianne Hough A House?

Last week, a suspiciously title Star article popped up that Ryan Seacrest just bought his recent ex-Julianne Hough a new $3 million home, so she would keep her mouth shut about his “unusual” bedroom fetishes.
At first we were like, “nope, just another fake tabloid story” but then just a few days later, Julianne Hough was spotted house-hunting in Beverly Hills.
Literally, two days later she was spotted wandering around the 90210 zip code looking at homes with a realtor and a friend.
She was either looking at the home Ryan bought her, or he gave her a $3 million gift card to spend on any new home she wants.

To be fair, Julianne Hough is only worth $7 million, so what is she doing looking for homes in Beverly Hills? Her price range is really better suited for West Hollywood or Santa Monica. Psh, Beverly Hills…who does she think she is?
Her pricey house hunt is what makes us believe Ryan might actually be helping out with the bill.
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