Amanda Bynes Was "Suicidal," Says Friend

As more details emerge from the spectacle that is Amanda Bynes’ arrest this morning, a close friend of hers is coming forward to speak about her state of mind.
Hollywood publicist, Jonathan Jaxson (yes, the same Jonathan Jaxson who called an intervention hotline on Amanda earlier this month) says he doesn’t want credit for “being her guardian angel,” but said he had no choice but to stage some kind of intervention yet again when she started exhibiting suicidal tendencies.

“I never got involved until she became suicidal,” Jonathon told CT9, claiming he has proof in the form of text messages to verify Amanda’s dangerous mindset. “I know she is not going to be happy right now, but I know that one day she will be grateful for this.”
Amanda was booked this morning after a doorman called the cops, saying she was smoking weed in the lobby. She’s also being charged with a felony after throwing a bong out of her apartment window, which is being treated as tampering with criminal evidence.
Jonathan claims there’s more to this story than just marijuana, however. “I think they found other drugs in the apartment,” he said. (NYPD’s police report doesn’t state finding any other drugs in the apartment.)

Amanda has been her very own car wreck you can’t look away from for some time now, but this arrest could be a blessing in disguise.
“She needed a wake-up call,” Jonathan said. “I do sincerely hope she gets the help she so desperately needs. Her being sober, even for 12 hours, would be something far different from what she has had in years.”
According to criminal lawyer Francis J. Falkenstein, an attorney for Tri State Treatment Connections, Amanda could be given the option to attend rehab as her sentencing, once this whole episode concludes.
“New York also does have a diversionary program that would require a drug and alcohol evaluation and likely would lead to some form of in-patient or out-patient treatment depending on the evaluation,” Falkenstein told Ct9.
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