Why Hasn’t Jennifer Aniston Chosen A Wedding Dress Yet?

At this rate you’d think it was Hollyscoop who was engaged to Justin Theroux since it appears we might be planning Jennifer Aniston’s wedding more than Jennifer Aniston is.
According to this new interview with E!, the actress hasn’t even chosen her wedding dress yet.
Question: Are you even allowed to be married in this country if you’re not chewing off more heads than the bride-to-be in the season finale of Bridezillas?
If TLC had a show in the pipeline called Say Meh, IDK (Shrug) to the Dress, then Jenn’s demeanor would be perfect for the first episode.
On the red carpet of the premiere for a new Lifetime TV movie she co-produced called Call Me Crazy, Jennifer was asked if she has the dress picked out yet.

“No, I don’t,” she said, wanting to divert the question. “There’s no wedding planning in Call Me Crazy.”
Rumor has it her wedding is happening sometime this year, so why isn’t our homegurl in a fitting room on Rodeo Drive this very moment?
Theory 1: Angelina Jolie went to every Vera Wang in California and bought all the dresses available so there would be none left for Jennifer.
Theory 2: She saw the wedding episode of "Parks & Recreation" where Leslie plans her wedding in less than two hours and thought that was the most romantic way to go.
Theory 3: Jennifer’s just being her typical laidback Type B self and “will get to it when she gets to it.” If that’s the case, then Jenn, we’re going to have to call you crazy.
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