Who Should Selena Gomez Date Next?

Selena Gomez has been single for far too long. If she asked her best friend Taylor Swift for advice, Taylor would tell her she needs to be going through at least 10 guys per year and to hurry up.
So to help Selena find Mr. Right, we’ve found 5 guys that would be perfect for her, based on her “ideal man” descriptions and on our matchmaking skills, naturally.

Cody Simpson: Cody Simpson is that up-and-coming Australian artist who is trying real hard to be exactly like Justin Bieber. In fact, he’s buddies with Justin. He’s only 16-years-old, but we’ve already established that Selena likes underage men, and he has that white-boy swag thing going on that Selena obviously found attractive considering her past with Bieber.

Diego Boneta: Diego is that singer/actor from Rock Of Ages. He’s 22 and was supposed to become a “big star” after the movie, but now he’s just kind of hanging out waiting for someone more famous than himself to strike up a romance with.

Drake Bell: A source recently said that Selena is looking to date a “mature older man” and honestly we can’t think of any mature twentysomethings that are single and for some reason we keep coming back to Drake Bell. He’s 26, he’s on that diving show, he’s sorta famous, and he hates Justin Bieber, so they can bond over that.

David Henrie: Selena and David already worked together on “Wizards of Waverly Place” so there is already that familiarity. Plus, Selena told Ellen DeGeneres that she would only date a guy “that could make her laugh” and David’s a veteran Disney sitcom kid, so he’s obviously funny.

Wilmer Valderrama: Why the hell not? He’s dated all the other too-young Disney starlets?
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