Unseen Topless Angelina Jolie Photo Up for Auction

It's a good day for people with a hefty disposable income, too much time on their hands, and an unhealthy obsession with Angelina Jolie.
There's a never-before-seen nude of the actress up for auction and you won't believe the going rate...
The photo comes in a series of outtakes by photographer David LaChapelle, who shot the images for Rolling Stone in 2001. London's famed auction house Christie's is putting it on the bidding block next month as part of its The Wild Side of Photography catalog.
It's hard to tell what's more wild—the untamed Billy Bob tattoo displayed front and center, or the estimated $53,000 bidding price.
The color images showcase a carefree 25-year-old Angelina in a grassy field, head and hair flung back like a feral child, her visage facing the sun in some ethereal washed out lighting, topless next to a horse. It's the Instagram photo predating Instagram photos. A simpler time when #throwbackthursday just meant taking a photo on a Thursday. Vintage.

If your Angelina collection is missing its Holy Grail (a photo of a white steed gnawing on the breast of the celebrity), look no further.

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