Selena Gomez Reveals What Kind of Man She's Looking For

When normal people are single, we just take to our Facebook statuses and change the dumb thing to "Single."

When famous people are single, well, they release actual singles. Selena Gomez has a new song, the affirmatively titled declaration "Come & Get It," but before you do, make sure you're what she's looking for.

Selena stopped by Ellen DeGeneres' talk show for a little post-break up girl talk and it was a dichotomy of extremes—jumping from topics like daydreaming about Brad Pitt to forgetting Justin Bieber.

After more prodding than a game of Truth Or Dare at one of Selena's fans' high school sleepovers, Ellen was finally able to get something out of Selena: the girl's type.

"What are you looking for?" Ellen asked Selena. "What do you like in a guy?"

"Someone that can make me laugh," Selena said.
To clarify, Justin's been pretty funny lately, but she probably meant a guy who is intentionally hysterical. Someone whose punch lines aren't themselves.

Also, if you want to get with Selena, you'd better bring a gift for the family that isn't a last-minute purchase on your way to meeting them. "Great to my parents" was another specification of Selena's.

She also doesn't care if you're in the business, so there's no need to lie on your OkCupid profiles, fellas.
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