Miley Cyrus' Solo Partying Weekend

Fresh off Miley Cyrus’ Elle interview in which she promised she would never share a personal photo on the Internet ever again, Miley goes and posts photos looking drunk, photos with her friends, and photos where she’s holding alcohol.
Super private now. Miley’s just SUPER private since that Elle interview.
Even though Miley gave a vague answer recently about how she’s still engaged to Liam Hemsworth, she was out partying this weekend like a single girl.
She wore a backwards hat (so on trend), strappy heels, skinny jeans, and a crop top that said, “Oh sh*t!”

We’ll call her look “ratchet couture.”
She’s added another new friend to her entourage that mainly consists of her hairstylist, her assistant, and that singer Teyana Taylor. Her new BFF is rapper Tiffany Foxx, who is kind of like Lil Kim’s protégé.
Miley was in one of her music videos recently. Judging from Tiffany’s Instagram account, these two are like, obsessed with each other.

Tiffany captioned one photo, “Got me a bad b*tch And she straight out of Nashville ;) #uraddictedtous #drugs #gorgeousgangsters #swag #goaldiggers.”

The best part of these photos are the comments from fans.
One fan writes about Miley, “She’s just dying to be #ratchet! LOL!”
Another wrote, “Wonder how Bill Ray feels?? Lol!!”
And finally, “Yessss badd bishess!!!”
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