Gwyneth Paltrow Gives Raunchy Relationship Advice

We are seriously concerned as to why Gwyneth Paltrow was named the “most hated” celebrity just weeks ago, because she seems pretty awesome.
She just gave some, uhmm raunchy relationship advice during an appearance on “Chelsea Lately” and she’s basically that dirty friend in High School that your parents wouldn’t let you hang out with, for fear of getting corrupted.
So, Gwyn is sitting down with Chelsea Handler tonight and in this sneak peek clip from OK! magazine, Chelsea is going on and on about how she was at a dinner party with Gwyneth and some other friends when one friend asked Gwyn for some advice to which Gwyn’s advice was that the friend, uhhh, hang out with her husband’s man-bits…for lack of a better word.

You have to watch the video and watch Gwyn break down in hysterics, especially when she admits, “What if my mom watches this!?”
It’s a must watch! Almost like when Gwyn talked about her bush on “The Ellen Degeneres Show.
And for more exclusive photos from Gwyn’s Chelsea Handler appearance, head over to OK! Magazine.

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