Lindsay Lohan: No Adderall, No Rehab

So, Lindsay Lohan is going to “rehab” next month, which is basically just her way of staying out of jail, because Lindsay firmly believes she doesn’t have a problem.
So even though she pops Adderall pills for her ADHD AND you can make meth with the stuff, Lindsay thinks she deserves to keep using the drug in rehab and if they try to take it away she’ll leave! #LindsayLaw
A source at Lindsay’s rehab location, The Seafield Center in Westhampton Beach, NY, told TMZ that they usually try to ween their patients off Adderall and give them a less addictive version, but Lindsay is having NONE OF THAT! She wants the full-proof highly addictive stuff! How else will she have the energy to party all night long at 1Oak in NY!?

Lindsay is reportedly telling friends that nothing except Adderall works for her. What exactly is Lindsay’s problem? Oh right, her ADHD.
Lindsay is saying she won't stay in any facility that takes away her precious pills, so we have no idea what Lindsay will do. She’s basically refusing a court-ordered rehab sentence, because when you are as famous as Lindsay Lohan, you can do whatever you want. You can’t.
In related news, Lindsay Lohan traveled to the drug festival of life this weekend AKA Coachella but appeared surprisingly sober in photos from the festival and was only seen carrying a soda.

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