Kim Kardashian's Trainer Gives Pregnancy Workout Advice

Amidst all the over-the-top Kim Kardashian pregnancy weight gain criticism, she's guaranteed to be in good shape once she delivers this summer. The same goes for an expectant Fergie. And every other celebump in Hollywood because they're in some very fit hands: celebrity trainer Tracy Anderson.
Even actress-slash-lifestyle gurus like Gwyneth Paltrow rave about Tracy's workout routines, stating she helped her lose 11 inches post-baby in 10 days. Damn!
CT9 caught up with Tracy who revealed some tips for expecting moms like Kim K and Fergie.
Her first advice tip? Perspective.
"It's a journey that is unique to every single woman," Tracy said to CT9. "You're bringing another life into the world and it's the most magical, amazing experience, so you can't be too hard on yourself."

If it's your first time expecting, she says to expect feeling "like an alien in your body when you come home from the hospital." Especially since your doctor will recommend you take it easy for a bit.
Tracy realizes the thought of working out after the baby arrives is overwhelming, but once you get the green light from your physician to exercise, if you commit to either her post-pregnancy DVDs or hit up her gym, it'll become easy to shed the baby weight.
Second tip? Persevere.
"It feels almost physically impossible to workout after you have a baby because you feel so disconnected, but you got to do it," she says. "Even if it's 5 minutes a day, 10 minutes a day, you got to do it."

As for everyone else looking to get in better general shape for bikini season, Tracy says to just cut down on portions and read every label. "I'm trying to stay away from gluten. Go to Whole Foods and get those gluten-free English muffins, high in fiber and drink loads and loads of water." She stresses losing it little by little and not too quickly otherwise you'll fall into a bad mindset; chances are you'll gain it back just as fast.
As for a go-to physical activity she swears by? Simple sit-ups in your room, a short outside walk, and then if you have a treadmill go for a 15 minute run. Switching from indoor to outdoor changes the scenery and keeps you from getting burnt out.
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