Ke$ha Wants To Bang Harry Styles

Leave it to Ke$ha to admit to feelings that are potentially illegal in 39 states.

While making the rounds in the U.K. press, the globe-trotting pop singer confessed that she has her crosshairs set on a barely of age musician. Look out for the official follow-up to her summer hit titled "Date Young" because she can't stop talking about 19-year-old Harry Styles.

When asked by Now magazine if she'd ever dated a Brit in the past, she answered, "Oh yeah, very many! I'm kind of a sucker for you guys. It's the accent." Next on her British Hitlist: a One Direction member.
"Harry Styles is pretty cute," she admitted. "He looks like a young Mick Jagger."

Okay, so he's over the age of consent, which doesn't definitely make him "underage," but shave off a couple years and we doubt that would have stopped Ke$ha from professing her interest in the first place. She's had sex with ghosts after all and drinks her own pee just for the thrill of it, so nothing is off limits for her. Her growing list of high-profile crushes includes Johnny Depp, Shakira, Ryan Gosling, Ricky Gervais, Florence Welch, and now Harry, who she deemed "the really hot one" in a separate interview late last year.

"I've got hos in different area codes. I'm a touring musician," she explained of her cavalier rocker's lifestyle. "Just like the Motley Crues and Van Halens who are about girls, girls, girls, and chicks, I can be the same about dudes."

Harry's known to be a heartbreaker, but Ke$ha could give him a run for his reputation. In her dating life, she notices men are constantly intimidated by her.

"Ever since I wrote a song about dismembering men and eating them, I've felt an intimidation factor. I did write a whole damn album called Cannibal, after all."

If Ke$ha has it her way, she'll be adding Little Harry's "+44" country code to her international phonebook. Harry's no stranger to dating outside his age range, anywhere from 1 to 50 years it seems, but if we were him, we'd still be wary.

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