Kanye West Bans Kim Kardashian Jokes from “SNL”

Ice-cold gaze Kanye West isn’t exactly all smiles when it involves Kim Kardashian.
Funny enough, that same aversion to grinning can also be said for his upcoming appearance on the May 18th season finale of “Saturday Night Live”: Kanye isn’t smiling.
Kanye is slated to be the season closer’s musical guest, but according to the Rumor Division at Radar (located between their HR Department and the copy room) it only happened after Kanye and his team worked out an understanding that the show’s writers wouldn’t make fun of his pregnant girlfriend, Kim.
As all things Radar-related, we’re taking this with a grain of salt, but given Kim and Kanye’s egos this report doesn’t seem too far from plausibility.

“It’s definitely going to be a challenge—the writers don’t want to piss off Kanye so they’re prepared not to cross the line,” an NBC insider told Radar.
“The writers are pushing real hard for an over-the-top skit and the producers are there to reel them right back in if they go too far,” the source added. “Normally the writers have free reign and just go for it, but there has to be some boundaries when your musical guest is Kanye and he’s super sensitive about the constant Kim bashing.”
It would be disappointing if “SNL,” arbiter of late-night social commentary and practically invented to make fun of pop cultural figures like the Kardashians, caved here.
The universe is practically conspiring to make a Kimye sketch happen. It would be blasphemous not to utilize cast member Nassim Pedrad’s Kim K. impression on a night where Kanye will be present. Ben Affleck is also hosting that evening and we think he’d make an excellent Kris Humphries. You don’t need the Hubble Telescope to see planets are aligning over at Studio 8H, people.
The Kardashians have been parodied on the skit show show before. The Kardashian sisters have even tweeted out links to one of its family-ridiculing sketches, so they can be good sports about it.
In an attempt to please everyone, Kim will reportedly honor a cameo at the end of the hypothetical sketch.
“They’ve come up with a win-win scenario where Kim actually gets a cameo at the end of the skit,” according to the source. “That would probably make everyone in Kanye’s camp—and especially Kim—very happy.”
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