Justin Bieber And Selena Gomez Back Together

What was just a giant question mark hanging in the drab Norwegian air yesterday appears to have been answered.
The seesawing status of Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez?
Those two are back on, holding hands on the giant playground that is the European continent.
Selena tried to touch down in the capital city of Oslo incognito (“Just flying to Norway. On a Thursday. Super casual. I’m Selena Gomez.”), but because no one visits Norway for its internationally acclaimed summer weather, the world noticed.
It was a one-way ticket right to Justin as he was taking the stage for a concert nearby. Her final destination was reuniting with him backstage, confirms two Us Weekly sources.

Another sign these two are back on is as clear as an iPhone LCD screen. As clear as Justin’s iPhone LCD screen, in fact. While rushing to a getaway car, he had a photo of one woman on his mind lately, set as his screensaver (or his wallpaper, or a bookmarked webpage to make Facebook stalking a breeze).
No, it wasn’t his homegurl Anne Frank in a sexy blue dress. It was Selena Gomez—a screensaver that, like Justin, is begging to be noticed.
 Can you blame anyone for noticing? After all, it was Justin who told us we got to keep an eye out of Selener.
It’s been a stormy sea of mixed signals for these two in 2013, but can you blame them? One of Us’ sources can't and is hyperventilating so much about it right now.
“They have a crazy connection,” one of its sources said, after asking for the bathroom pass from Mrs. Donahue, but then really sneaking off behind the library to tell the tabloid this must-have info getting whispered around the halls of Hollywood High. “They just can’t seem to break their connection. It can be intense.”
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