Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez Back On?

Justin Bieber is performing in Norway today and Selena Gomez was spotted getting off a plane in Norway. You know what this means? They’re totally hooking up.
There is absolutely no reason two pop stars that previously dated each other would ever be in Norway at the same time UNLESS they were trying to get back together. #HollywoodFact
A source close to Selena told TMZ that she is traveling the globe because she wants to get back with Bieber. She saw his shirtless Instagram pics and was like “I need that 100 pound 5’5” hairless body back in my life.”

However, Norwegian police reportedly told news outlets in Norway that Bieber is heading straight to the airport after his concert and Selena reportedly arrived in the country in the middle of Bieber’s set, so if she was truly stalking him, she has terrible timing.
Then again, we translated a Norwegian newspaper using Google Translate and one of the sentences said, “We treat rock stars as guests, and guests like rock stars,” so we’re only 50% sure any of it made sense.
However, those same sources that claim that Selena wants her man back also say that she’s consistently giving Bieber mixed signals and that he’s “tortured” by it.
In the same breath, we’ve also seen previous stories that claim Selena is totally over the Biebs and it’s Bieber that keeps trying to get back into her life.
So like we said, blame Google Translate for everything.
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