Jennifer Aniston: I Can’t Wait To Get Fat

A couple things: Jennifer Aniston got paid millions to hang out with the cast of "Friends" every day and now she’s engaged to artsy actor Justin Theroux. Looking back at her career, you could say she’s living the life, but you can’t say she’s living the dream.
Because the dream would include a hell of a lot more eating.
On "Good Morning America," America’s sweetheart revealed what it is she’d really like to add to her schedule and it’s basically the Olive Garden’s Never Ending Pasta Bowl on steroids.
The show’s correspondent Nick Watt got chatty and cozy with Jenn, asking her if she’d ever thought about just, you know, shelving the whole acting and producing thing because being publicly adored by everyone…doesn’t that get boring?
The obvious answer is no. No, it does not get boring.

“I’m not going to give up acting,” Jennifer said. “I had too much fun being silly that way.”
Nick then remarked he does all the time (shh! just don’t tell "GMA"), painting her a portrait of what it’d be like “to quit TV, grow a beard, and gain 200 pounds” in the future.
Jenn was sold. He had her at “200 pounds.”
She conceded, “I have those moments…I don’t know about the grow-a-beard part, but I could see, like, ‘Let’s just move to France or Italy and open up a little antique store. That sounds great. Eat pasta, get fat.”
Really does sound like a plan. We're getting misty just thinking about eating our way through every ristorante in Bassa Italia.
Also, grazie, Jenn. Now we know what our next tattoo will be: “Eat pasta, get fat.” Spelled out in macaroni. In Italian.
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