Jennifer Aniston: Matthew Perry Starts “Friends” Reunion Rumors

Here’s what it feels like to build up all your lifelong dreams…and then knock it all down in one fell swoop.
First you let the Internet do what it does best, which is start completely unfounded rumors like a "Friends" reunion, either movie or TV special. Then you let someone with actual insider knowledge, a realist and actual "Friends" cast member Jennifer Aniston, enter.
 On "The Ellen DeGeneres Show," the actress was asked point blank about those life-completing rumors.
Her derisive response? “Did Matthew [Perry] start that?”

Those clarifying brackets are for those of you who don’t know she’s of course referring to Perry who played Chandler, the group’s signature jokester. Clearly you weren’t friends with the fictional "Friends" cast because you didn’t stay in every Friday night watching the series box set due to all the friends you had in real life.
Anyway, Jennifer pretty much squashed rumors that the gang was going to be hanging out like old times on the couch at Central Perk in a forthcoming The One Where With The Made-Up Reunion. This isn’t a “We Were On A Break” conversation, an argument over semantics. The "Friends" reunion just is not happening.
To confirm it more bluntly, "Friends" co-creator Marta Kauffman, on the carpet of Jenn’s co-produced Lifetime movie Call Me Crazy, stated to E! News: “I’m going to clear this up—it’s not happening!”
You can start crying now.
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