Jay Z and Beyoncé's Brunch with Adorable Blue Ivy

 Add this to your ever-growing list of Beyoncé and Jay-Z fantasies you wish you were included in. Do you have a pen? Okay, now jot this down…
“Brunch with Blue Ivy.”
The trio that keeps our solar system in balance had a late-morning, early-afternoon bite together in Paris.
French toast. Eggs Benedict. Blue Ivy. S'il vous plaît, monsieur, where can we pull up an extra chair?
They each took time out of their increasingly busy schedules—Bey performed a concert the night before, Jay was named one of Time’s “100 Most Influential People,” Blue stepped away from her campaign plans to run for President in 2048—to keep reservations at Septime restaurant in the City of Light.

You know, to get reacquainted, touch base on each other’s amazing lives, and meet up for a spell. Sorry, forgot this is Paris. Make that a rendezvous.
They appeared to have the grandest time together. Smiling, laughing, nibbling on très chic cuisine, just going around the tiny café table prattling over who is which Sex and the City character. (Bey is Charlotte, Jay is Samantha, Blue Ivy still isn’t old enough to watch the pilot episode yet.)
Beyoncé and Jay-Z did their best to keep their toddler out of the public eye for the first year.

Now at 15 months, the power couple is easing up security. Today, April 25, marks the most we have ever seen of Blue Ivy. We went from two Instagram photos in the first year to like, 7 photos in just a single day. It’s like we blinked and suddenly she was already half the size of Jay-Z and cuter than Beyoncé.
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