Britney Spears Gearing Up for Vegas

Britney Spears went to the gym yesterday, looking uncharacteristically fit by the way, while she wore this “Do You Want To Kiss” shirt.
Do you think she was trying to send a message to the other lunkheads at the gym?
There’s a lot of good single meat at the gym, Brit, is all we're saying. Or is Brit getting fit because she's about to jump back onto a stage soon?
Also, the last time we saw Britney out with her man David Lucado was on…Yesterday. Oh really? Damn, it felt like longer. So she doesn't need a man, she's got her "regular Dave" still.
But look at Britney's arms! She's starting to get her "Slave 4 U" body back (sort of) and we can't help but wonder if her Vegas residency is starting sooner than later. Britney has also been photographed leaving dance studios lately, which means she's either taking dance classes for fun and fitness or she's rehearsing some new moves FOR A VEGAS RESIDENCY!
Brit is also about to debut a new song "Oh La La" for Smurfs 2.
Britney's back b*tches! Now all she needs to do is ditch those cheez-its.
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