Billy Ray Cyrus Not Sure If Miley's Wedding Is Still On

After the Hemsworth family shared their speculations on Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth’s upcoming wedding, now Miley’s dad Billy Ray Cyrus is sharing his doubts about their would-be nuptials.
During an interview to promote his new book, (yeah, he has a book DUH) the interviewer asked why Billy kept the chapter on Miley’s wedding so purposefully vague.
In the interview, Billy utters some kind of English that we’re 99% positive translates to:
“As I was writing a book, I wanted to keep that particular moment [Miley’s wedding] as open-ended as possible. I didn’t know the answer,” says Billy.
Huh, what? So even when Miley was blissfully engaged, her dad apparently wouldn’t write about her union with Liam in his memoir because “Nah, that ish ain’t happening.”

On why he was so unsure about Miley’s wedding, he says, “You know they’re young. They’re kids but the great news is, they are really really good friends.”
What is this interview? Do you know how much Miley is going to Twitter attack him now?! Her life purpose is to prove to the Internet that she still has an engagement ring.
But the final nail in the coffin is when Billy said, “If they end up getting married, that’s their business too.”
So the interviewer asks in plain English, “Do you think Miley and Liam will get married?”
Billy responds, “I don’t know. I play it by ear. Whatever is meant to be is what’s going to happen.”
Watch the video below.
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