Amber Rose Goes On Creepy Tattoo Spree

So, Amber Rose has never really been known for her common sense. She dated Kanye West, endorsed the weirdest tasting vodka ever (Cotton Candy, really?), and is now engaged to a man whose first name is Wiz. So when she showed off several FACE tattoos all over her arms, we were like, "omg Amber Rose" but also, "yeah, she would."
 Anyways, Amber just got FACE tattoos of her lover Wiz Khalifa, her mom, and her two dogs!
No, not on her face, but tats of their faces all over her body. Ugggh.

Amber got a tat on her arm of Wiz’s face, looking insanely stoned by the way, and tweeted, “True love #Cam&Amb : - )”
She also got her mother’s face on her other arm and shared the pic on Instagram, but because the tat is on the inside of her elbow, her mom’s face is awkwardly stretched between the eyes.
But the weirdest one is a tat of her TWO pugs up on her shoulder. One dog’s tongue is hanging out all like “blah” and the other dog looks paranoid.

Two big a*s dog bodies stuck on her arm.
What do you guys think? Is it adorable that she cares so much about her pets and loved ones that she would ink their faces all over her arms for eternity, or is she going to regret it ASAP?
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