Amanda Bynes Hearing Voices & Talking To Herself — Report

Amanda’s behavior is getting increasingly more disturbing and a new report claims that Amanda walks up and down the halls of her NYC apartment, talking to herself! Read on for what the neighbors think!

Amanda Bynes‘ behavior isn’t funny anymore, it’s getting scary. They 27-year-old is reportedly so paranoid that she’s being followed, that she thinks the smoke alarms in her apartment are tracking devices.

Amanda Bynes Hearing Voices & Talking To Herself?

Amanda is reportedly wandering the halls of her NYC apartment building at “all hours of the night.” The most alarming part of the report from is that she is talking to herself in a “non-sensical” language and she’s hearing voices.
It’s reportedly scaring the residents in the building who have kids.
“Amanda is also extremely paranoid and thinks there are tracking devices in the smoke alarms in the apartment,” a source says. “She looks completely disheveled.”
Another source says that her behavior is “disturbing” but her parents can’t do anything to help her.
“There are no legal options available to them to help rescue their daughter at this time.”

Amanda Bynes Posts Strange Animal Pics On Twitter

We told you that Amanda went on a Twitter rampage and began tweeting nonstop. Several pics she posted were her photo shopped as various animals. There’s a pic of her as a camel, and another as a cat.
This all just seems very sad and although Amanda says she doesn’t have a problem, fans are worried. Amanda was allegedly kicked out of the W in NYC for walking around naked, and she also walked out on her hair bill at NYC’s Blow hair salon.
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