5 Best Celebrity Transformations

Have you seen “Awkward” on MTV? It’s kind of our favorite show, namely because the lead is this awkward loser named Jenna who somehow lands the two coolest boys in school by basically having this caterpillar-to-butterfly metamorphosis that skyrockets her from invisible outcast to the most desired girl ever.
Hollywood has its fair share of drastic makeovers as well. To name a few, there’s Miley Cyrus’ descent from Disney darling to punk rawk wannabe, Amanda Bynes' journey from well-adjusted child star to ratchet cheek piercing trapstar, or Ben Affleck: the butt of every Hollywood joke to one of the most revered actor/directors in town. Here are our top 5 celebrity transformations.

Miley Cyrus: Remember when Miley was parading around the Disney Channel as both halves of the wholesome “Hannah Montana” sitcom? Nope. Yeah, we don’t either. Now she wears crop tops exclusively, has more tattoos than years she’s been alive, and sometimes films twerking videos.

Amanda Bynes: Amanda Bynes headlined her own sitcom when she was 11 and had the potential to become the next great female comedienne and then she announced she was retiring from acting. The next thing we knew, she started racking up DUIs like she's trying to put Lindsay Lohan out of business. As if that weren’t bad enough, she’s traded in her girl-next-door attire for stuff that looks like she lifted it from Rihanna’s trash can.

Ben Affleck: Long before Argo and The Town, Ben Affleck was nearly unhireable. He made crappy movies like Gigli, Jersey Girl and Daredevil. From 2007-2009 he didn’t make a single movie and then out of nowhere he re-emerged as Ben Affleck: The Director.

Nicole Richie: Nicole Richie was once known as “Paris Hilton’s best friend” and dressed kind of trashy, like those girls who hung out at the mall in high school and always had boyfriends whose names were like “Junior” and “Mike K.” Then she got scary skinny and eventually found a happy medium and is now a total media mogul and fashionista.

Katy Perry: A little over a year ago, Katy Perry was rocking blue hair and latex catsuits, like for her regular daywear. Now she has black hair that she refuses to comb a la Kristen Stewart and she dresses like it’s Coachella year-round. We blame John Mayer for all of it.
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