Zac Efron Smolders On Cover Of 'Flaunt' Magazine

If there is one true thing in the world, it is that Zac Efron was put on Earth by God himself so that women would be disappointed in all other men.
Zac covers the new issue of Flaunt magazine and said some stuff that’s not nearly as important as how effortlessly tousled his hair always looks.
Zac wore a variety of suits and cool-guy outfits as he tried to look pensive and important.
We thought nothing could top Zac’s Blackbook cover, which featured him posing with baby animals, but this photo shoot might be the one to do it.

Once you’ve carefully perused each photo, here’s Zac talking about how perfect he is.
Zac says he’ll never complain about paparazzi or gossip magazines, because he thinks that’s lame and hypocritical.
“The b*tchiness doesn’t do anything. It just puts you out there and it makes you look unappreciative to your fans. To b*tch about attention while getting attention?” says Zac.
Also, Zac will never throw any shade at High School Musical even though it’s a totally lame TV movie, because he knows he’s only famous because of it.
“It was the luckiest break in the world. The wrong thing to do – and that’s what all these interviews now are trying to get me to say – is to turn on it, to like sh*t on it, call it crap. But that’s insane.”
Oh Zac, we love how you handle those cuss words like some kind of bad boy that we know you aren’t
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