Amanda Bynes Sues Tabloids For Telling The Truth

Because cheek piercings, dressing like a smurf, and stalking Drake aren’t bad enough, Amanda Bynes has decided to wander around Times Square pretending to be a ghost AND is suing two major tabloids for printing accurate stories about her.
Let’s get to the lawsuit stuff first.
Amanda took a break from tweeting nonsense about her vagina and just announced, “I’m suing @usweekly & @perezhilton for continuing to act like I’m doing something wrong by tweeting and walking to photoshoots. F*ck you!!!!”
Amanda Bynes, are you really suing those two gossip rags because they accurately quoted your tweets? Because that’s exactly what you’re doing.

We're actually not surprised she has so little self-awareness; she stuck a metal rod through both her cheeks in the name of “fashion." Her reasoning skills are generally off.
This is just like when Amanda Bynes tweeted at Barack Obama to tell the cops that she wasn’t driving under the influence. Amanda Bynes STILL hasn’t figured out how life, Twitter, or the legal system works, apparently.
So what prompted Amanda to lash out at those two gossip blogs? Well, Us Weekly printed photos of Amanda wandering around NYC with a t-shirt over her head.

“She was pretending to be a ghost,” a dumb eyewitness told the magazine, “She was walking into things because she couldn’t see.”
Of course she couldn’t see! She had a shirt over her head! Why is everyone dumb!?
Then Amanda went into a McDonald’s and ordered a soda and a coffee and drank both at the same time, because she also doesn’t know how caffeine works!
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