Wanted man has boob job to trick police, is betrayed by Adam's apple

 A male fugitive in China underwent breast enlargement surgery hoping to evade police. However, his plan failed miserably after the policemen noticed his Adam's apple.
43-year-old man surnamed Zhao had been on the run from the police after his foot massage parlor in Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province, was busted on January 8 for engaging in prostitution, Shanghai Daily reported.
Police arrested five women suspected of prostitution, but Zhao was nowhere to be found. After the disappearance of the owner the massage parlor was renovated and started to rent its space to masseurs.
Unfortunately, Zhao couldn’t stay away from the place. On January 28 police came to inspect the parlor and found a long-haired and full-breasted “woman” from one of the rooms, Wenzhou Metropolis Daily reported.
Since she had an uncanny resemblance to Zhao, policemen first thought that they had found his sister. On closer inspection they realized that the busty beauty had a prominent Adam's apple.
Further investigations revealed that the “woman” was actually Zhao, who had undergone breast enlargement surgery, hoping to fool the police.
Zhao has been temporarily released on bail because police has trouble deciding if he should be placed in the women’s or men’s detention center.
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