The Real Reason Harry Styles Dumped Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift is reportedly “boring,” you guys. This is mind blowing, namely because we just watched Taylor’s video for “22,” where Taylor lays on a beach until sunrise and goes to a house party wearing cat ears! CAT EARS! She’s so fun and edgy, we can’t believe anyone would ever call her “boring.”
Well, Harry Styles did.
Back when Harry and Taylor broke up while on vacation together, there were rumors that it ended because Harry said something really nasty to her.
We assumed he called her one of those terrible one-syllable words that you should never call a woman, turns out, he just said she was “boring” and that sent Taylor into a hysterical meltdown and sent Harry packing.
Apparently when they were hanging out in the British virgin islands, Harry left Taylor alone to go off and get drinks by himself. When he returned, she was like, “where the F did you go?” (we’re paraphrasing) and Harry was like, “I went to get drinks without you because you’re so f*cking boring.”
Ohhh, snap!
In retrospect, Taylor does a lot of antique shopping AND she owns a cat. Yeah, boring.

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