Julianne Hough Robbed of $100,000 Worth Of Jewelry

Julianne Hough must still think she’s living in Kansas (she’s from Kansas, or something, right? The blonde hair and the naivety, we just assumed) because she left $100,000 worth of fine jewelry just sitting on the seat of her car and it got robbed!
First of all, Ryan Seacrest gifted that jewelry to Julianne, probably as a V-Day gift, we’re not sure – just go with it, and while Julianne was visiting a friend in Hollywood and her car was parked in the apartment complex lot, the goods were stolen.
She drives a Mercedes, by the way.
After several hours, Julianne returned to her car to see that the door was wide open and the jewels were missing! Help, there’s a jewel thief on the loose!
First of all, Julianne. Why are you leaving $100K of anything just sitting on the seat in your car while you go anywhere in Hollywood?
Dear Readers, we know that Hollywood sounds like it might be a glamorous place, but the actual city of Hollywood is arguably one of the more dangerous-ish districts in LA. Especially that block between Hollywood High and the Kodak theater. We got mugged outside the chick-fil-a one time!
Anyways, it’s unsure what kind of jewelry was lifted or if Julianne left her car unlocked in the first place. Damn trusting Kansas folk.

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