Rita Moreno discloses her 8-year tragic affair

Oscar-winning actress Rita Moreno, best known for her role of Anita in West Side Story, reveals the chronic philandering, emotional abuse done to her and also the forceful abortion which she had gone through. Her life secrets are revealed in her autobiography entitled Rita Moreno where her terrifying love affair with Marlon Brando is clearly mentioned.
Moreno, 81, writes in her book, "He broke my heart and came close to crushing my very spirit with his physical infidelities and, worse, with his emotional betrayals". She added saying that she faced the challenge but never lost hope and began dating Dennis Hopper and then Elvis. She talks about herself that the time she was pregnant with Marlon’s child, she had to abort it surgically.  After facing all these problems and many more, she decided to die. Moreno writes, "I went to bed to die. This wasn't a revenge suicide, but a consolation, an escape-from-pain death". Finally Marlon & Rita decided to part their ways as the trauma was too much to handle.
The actress tried dying but everything changed for good as the movie West Side Story finished.  In 1965, Moreno married Leonard Gordon, her cardiologist and manager. Fernanda Luisa Fisher is their daughter.

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