Miley Cyrus Gets Tattoo With Kat Von D and Tommy Lee

Miley Cyrus continues to plunge head first into white trashiness. She just got another dang ole tattoo, y’all.
This time Miley got a tat on the back of her elbow (a very normal tattoo spot, you guys) of two crossed arrows.
According to the Internet, the symbol is a Native American sign for friendship, which is weird because Miley’s only friends are her dogs. Hahah ZING!
Actually, I take that back, Miley has a weird collection of pals, she went with Tommy Lee and Deadmau5 to get the tattoo from Kat Von D. We know, super random. Like, how did Miley even meet Tommy Lee and why does he need to assist her with getting tattoos and why is Miley NEVER with Liam!? #SeriousQuestions
In honor of Miley’s 13th tattoo, let’s look back at all her body art.
Miley has an equal sign on her finger which signals marriage equality, because Miley cares about things.
She has a quote from a Teddy Roosevelt speech on her arm, because she likes history and politics.
She has “Just Breathe” on her chest, because otherwise she’ll forget to breathe. Miley also has a dream catcher tat on her rib cage, because otherwise she'll forget to dream.
She has the roman numeral “VIIXCI” on her arm, which we think is 16.
She has “Love Never Dies” on her upper arm, because Miley is deep like that. Continuing with the “love” motif she also has a heart on her pinky and “love” written on her ear.
She has an anchor on her wrist and an “evil eye” tat on another finger and an “Om” symbol on her other wrist.
It's only a matter of time before Miley starts looking LIKE Kat Von D.

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