Michael Lohan: Lindsay Could Turn Life Around With Family Counseling

Yesterday, Lindsay Lohan was sentenced to 90 days in rehab, even though she continually admits she “doesn’t have a problem,” so really she’s just going to go to rehab for three months and then get out and crash her car again and we’ll be writing this exact same story one year from now.
So now, Michael Lohan is INSISTING that Lindsay could turn her life around if only she’d go to family counseling, because let's face it, Lindsay's family isn't exactly the Brady Bunch.
“Like I've been saying for years, begging pleading and crying from the hill tops, for Lindsay and all my children, I hope Dina can put our differences aside and finally attend family therapy with Lindsay and I while she is in rehab,” Michael tells Hollyscoop exclusively.

Michael claims that therapists and experts in the past have always said Lindsay needs family counseling if she wants to get better, but the family has always refused. Well, the first problem is Lindsay doesn’t think she HAS a problem. So there’s that.
“I truly believe that if we do go to family therapy with Lindsay we will be able to provide her with the chance to turn her life around like she so fully deserves…it will be a life changing experience for Lindsay and the rest of my family."
That being said, Michael Lohan hates Lindsay’s lawyer Mark Heller and is convinced that Heller is taking advantage of his daughter. Michael chased Mark offstage (yes, chased) during yesterday’s press conference, got on the mic himself, and declared that he wants to get Heller’s license revoked

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