Robert Pattinson In NO Rush To Get Back To Kristen Stewart

Robert Pattinson finished filming his futuristic crime-thriller The Rover down in Australia and even though it’s been nearly three months since he’s seen his girlfriend Kristen Stewart, he is in NO RUSH to get back to LA and see her.
For anyone still rooting for them to break-up, this is your moment.
Rob was spotted yesterday in the city of Adelaide, South Australia just hanging out, clearly in no rush to get out of the country.
He is sporting a shaved head, mind you. Naturally, he looks as hunky as ever, but he covered up his bald head with a black cap. Rob had to trim his hair down to a buzz cut for his role in the film, but fingers crossed he grows out his golden locks and gets back to vampire standards. We know he’s not a vamp anymore, but we just REALLY liked that look on him. If he wants to get some low-lights in there too, we wouldn't object.

Also, there are rumors, nay blind gossip items, that RPatz and KStew are calling it quits in August. Why August and why the break-up you ask? Well, according to the blind gossip (believe it if you will, or don’t) they were in a PR romance for the sake of Twilight publicity and when they signed their relationship contract, yeah contract, the studio estimated that the final Twilight DVD would probably be released sometime during the summer of 2013 so they made their relationship contract last until August 2013.
We find it hard to believe that these two cool hipster types who absolutely HATE fame would ever sign a relationship contract with the studio, but it does explain why Kristen never went to visit Rob and why he’s not hurrying back to her. If they aren’t in a real relationship and they only have a few months left in the contract, there’s no urgency to see one another, right?
Either way, Rob has a bald head and we’re totally okay with it and if they want to break up that’s fine with us too.

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