Michael Lohan: Dina Has Manipulated Lindsay's Brain

The back-and-forth between Lindsay Lohan and her parents continues and it’s only getting weirder.

Following Lindsay Lohan’s unexpected call in to TMZ Live - yes, she actually did that – Michael Lohan has weighed in once again with his side of the story. His latest claim has Dina painted with not only drug addiction but also mind control powers.

TMZ is reporting a new conversation that they had with Michael following Lindsay’s call that seemed to defend her mom and exile him.

"This is just another manipulation by Dina to control Lindsay,” he said. “Dina is just using Lindsay to cover her tracks."

Last I checked (Dr. Phill anyone?) Dina has a hard enough time manipulating her own mind. Playing puppet master on someone else’s? I just don’t buy it…

Still, the Lohan patriarch is convinced that something unsavory is going on between Dina and Lindsay.

“Why is it that every time someone nails Dina doing something wrong, either on camera or on tape, they are always lying," Michael added.

Michael recorded – secretly according to Lindz – a panicked phone call that he had with his daughter. In it, the “Liz & Dick” star accused Dina of using cocaine and kidnapping her.
As a result, police were called to the scene by Michael to asses the situation.

However, nothing is too severe to backpedal out of as Lindsay proved yesterday, saying that it was just a typical mom-daughter fight and she simply “lied” in the heat of the moment.

“Daughters have fights with their moms. It happens a lot,” she said. “It's normal.”

She hammered the point home, saying that her father was “hurtful” and, moving forward, was dead to her.

As for Michael, he believes their relationship has a chance for a comeback in Act Three…

"I know Lindsay loves me and I love her very much," he said.

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