Cops Called Over Lindsay and Dina Lohan Domestic Fight

We literally cannot go one week without Lindsay Lohan getting into some form of legal trouble. I mean, I actually prefer the Lindsay that just flashed her vadge getting out of cars and casually stumbled out of clubs with Paris Hilton. New Lindsay is really messy.

Anyways, Lindsay and her mom Dina went clubbing last night in NYC, because that’s a normal mother-daughter outing, and like everything in Lindsay’s life lately, it erupted into a fight.

The women went to the Electric Room, the nightclub inside the Dream Downtown (same hotel where Lindsay alleged hit that guy with her car) and everything was fine, at first.

They reportedly left the club at 4am with TMZ’s cameras trailing them, who reported that they started arguing in the car but it got worse when they arrived at Dina’s home in Long Island.

This is probably how the fight went down, “You’re drunk,” “No, I’m not,” “Yes, you are,” "That's just the Ambien talking," “Don’t take pictures of me,” “give me your iPhone,” “No,” “I’m telling Dr. Phil,” “Noooooo!”

Apparently the fight got physical, Lindsay has a cut on her leg and one of her bracelets broke.

Someone called 911 and cops arrived at the scene where Lindsay was reportedly being held against her will by her mom and the car driver.

Cops took a Domestic Incident Report but no arrests were made.

More as this insane Lohan drama unfolds.

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