Lindsay Lohan: NY Times Magazine Was Accurate

Yesterday the NY Times published an article that basically ruined Lindsay Lohan’s life.
The article documented every second from Lindsay Lohan’s stint filming the super low-budget indie film, “The Canyons” which described Lindsay as showing up late nearly every day, jumping out of cars, getting drunk and refusing to film sex scenes, and constantly bickering with the director and co-stars.
Lindsay read the article and her response was, “yep, sounds like me.” I’m paraphrasing here, but you get the point.
Lindsay is telling people that most of the article is TRUE, except any of the parts that involve alcohol.
The article said Lindsay got drunk before a scene and then hopped into her car in the middle of the night and drove away, leaving the cast and crew to wonder if she’d be alive the next morning.
Lindsay is adamant she NEVER drove drunk and says any time there was alcohol on set she refused, even though the article details a scene where Lindsay locked herself in a walk-in closet with a bottle of vodka.
Just to reaffirm how crazy Lindsay was on set, TMZ has audio of Lindsay yelling at her co-star James Deen for not saying his lines. Lindsay screams at him, “Do your f*cking job.”
The best part of the audio is how the director dumbs down his language so Lindsay understands what’s going on. They are completely baby-ing her. He talks to her like he’s talking to a small child and Lindsay still has no idea what’s happening, and then has the audacity to scream at her co-worker because he doesn’t know his lines.
Oh, I also forgot to mention. Lindsay was only paid $100 a day for the film, which completely explains why she’s dirt broke now.
We reached out to Michael Lohan in regards to Lindsay's reaction to the article to which he said, "She is brainwashed by Dina."
Listen to Lindsay go nuts in the video below.

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